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In this demonstration of Dessert Quest!, Macalana is tasked to find the rare Yummy Berries. Will she make her way up and through the forest?

*Please use the directional buttons to move left and right, and the 'Z' key to jump!

*Avoid pits and animals (you can stomp on them, too!)

Music: DAREnventure by Mathgrant

Sounds created through as3sfxr

Tileset and engine: Stencyl

Any comments, compliments, and criticism will be most appreciated!

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Published Jan 16, 2016


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The player character is so cute! :D

It is CUTE. Very good job, if I do say so myself. I really like the idea of this as a test level, i.e. "collect this many dessert ingredients per level to advance to the Ultimate Super Mega Yummy Berry." And I don't know why dogs work as the enemy in this, but they do. Maybe you can come to include other little critters like rabbits or cats at some point. Just a fun concept, I'm glad.

One point to improve on would probably be the jumping mechanic. I got stuck a bit because I would press Z and move the directional button at the same time, but Macalana would get stuck and kind of float on the edge of the surface. Maybe make her jump a fraction higher? Or make the tall jumps a fraction shorter. Not sure how to phrase it or suggest it, but that's my two cents

Otherwise, would love to play more levels and collect more yummy fruit! I hope there's a grand dessert waiting at the very end of it all. Nice job!

(This is Arrielle by the way, in case you were wondering. ;3)