A downloadable game for Windows

"The sign of peace in our land is... A spiral?"

Play the eponymous Pug Knight as our hero runs, jumps, swipes, and barks their way to victory!

(Swiping and barking coming soon!)

Pug Knight is a 2D pixel platformer My First Game Jam: Summer Edition 2016 project worked on by meeshster (myself, the artist) and ajhc (himself, the coder)!

Currently, we are at the prototype demo stage of Pug Knight. We would really like to continue creating it into the platform adventure game it can be! Comments, praise, and critique is welcomed and appreciated.


To move, used the A + D keys or the left/right arrow keys. Spacebar to jump. To reset, press the ESC key. For pixel zoom (up to 3 times), press Shift.

Survive the stage!

Install instructions

After downloading the zip file, Extract the data and .exe files into the same folder. Next, double click the .exe file! (the data folder and the .exe must be in the same folder for the game to work properly!)


Pug Knight Demo (WIN) 10 MB